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Mexican Booty

“A fun, sassy read.” – Maria Z. Lucy Ripken is 30-something, single, and struggling to make it as a photographer in New York City. Desperate to keep the roof over her head and caffeine in her cup, she takes a job on the Upper East Side, photographing some mind-bogglingly expensive pre-Colombian sculptures. But something is … Continue reading Mexican Booty

X Dames

An old friend calls Lucy Ripken out of the blue to offer her a job writing for a new reality TV show: The X-Dames, an all-female extreme sports competition, starting with a surfing contest. Lucy jumps at the chance—the pay is great and means she gets to travel down to the colorful little beach town … Continue reading X Dames

Lucy’s Money

This time Lucy Ripken finds herself in Costa Rica, where the meals and hotel rooms are comped, the wildlife is exotic, and the tourists are dying. River-rafting accidents and plane crashes are just the beginning. The jungle is rife with remnants of old wars, soldiers who turned their skills to the drug trade, and worse. … Continue reading Lucy’s Money

Lost in New York

No matter how many murders she solves, Lucy Ripken never can seem to crack the case of happily ever after. Her bank account is nearly empty, her on-again off-again DEA boyfriend is off-again, and her estranged alcoholic father and enabling mother seem to exist mostly to prey on her weary conscience. It’s enough to make … Continue reading Lost in New York

Sex and Death: The Movie

A movie producer is dead, murdered, and any one of the cast could have done it. Nobody much seems to care, though, with most of the actors more worried about quibbling over the script and who ends up with who. Enter, stage right, Lucy Ripken. She’s come to solve the crime, fix the script, and … Continue reading Sex and Death: The Movie